Michal Tichý

.NET Developer

Public speaking

Michal is Software Architect focusing on web and mobile development on .NET platform.

He also likes to share his knowledge and experience with others
at conferences, universities and meetups or as private consultations.

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Favorite sessions / topics

Software testing

Introduction to different kinds of software testing. From unit test to end to end testing.

Available as workshop or talk.

Non relational databases

Introduction to document databases. Advantages and disadvantages of relational and non-relational databases.

Introduction to using Postgres as document database.

Dev Ops

Talk focused on Dev Ops from work planing to application deployment and monitoring.

This talk can include topis such as: work planning, intro to agile, Continous Integration and Delivery, application deployments and application monitoring.

We can focus on various types of applications (such as web apps or mobile apps) or on specifyc Dev Ops platform (Azure DevOps).

Semantic Kernel - Integration of AI into your application

AI already advises us in many areas of our lives. But what if we didn't just stick to advice? In this lecture, we will show you how you can allow AI to control your application using a combination of several effective plugins and help your users with even non-trivial tasks.

Design patterns

Workshop teaching developers how to increate the code quality by using various design patterns.

Includes most common creational, structural and behavioral design patterns.

Clean code

Talk focusing on increasing code quality by applying various rules and principles. Such as naming, avoiding rigidity & fragility, ...

Available as workshop or talk.

Domain driven design

Domain driven design is approach that centers the development on understanding and implementing complex business processes.

This talk is introduction into using domain driven design and what are the scenarios when to use it.

Clean architecture

Introduction to designing your application architecture in a way that allows you to grow your code base over many years.

Clean architecture is a software design philosophy that emphasizes the separation of concerns, making the system independent of frameworks, UI, and external agencies, ensuring that the business rules and logic are at the center of the design.

Other Topics

Domain Driven Design
Clean architecture
Document databases
Web Development
Mobile Development


  • Brno University of Technology 2020 - Present

    Part of team of lectors for
    course ICS - The C# Programming Language
    and course IW5 - Programming in .NET and C#

    Focusing on sessions about testing, DevOps and Architecture.
  • Update Days - Implement AI April 4th-5th 2024
    Semantic Kernel

    Dive into the power of Semantic Kernel and discover how to seamlessly add power of LLMs into your application. In this talk, we'll explore how combination of several simple AI plugins with conventional code can help your users with complex problems.

  • EmbedIT .NET Bootcamp July - September 2023

    Part of team of lectors for intensive fulltime 3 month course for junior .NET developers.

    I've led sessions for:
    Clean Code, Testing, Design Petterns, Dependency Injection, Architecture, Dev Ops, Web Hosting, Logging & Monitoring, Security of Web Applications, Non Relational Databases
  • MeetUpdate: Practical AI June 27th 2023
    Pair programming with AI

    Lately, we hear about AI from all sides. It's seen as a magical solution to all existing and non-existing problems. In this lecture, we'll explore how LLM (Large Language Models) work and discuss the options available if we want AI to assist us in our work.

  • MeetUpdate: DevOps May 16th 2023
    Mobile apps: Journey to production

    The application is "ready", now only the release and a "few details" remain.
    Release, logging, monitoring, update management... These are all the little things that determine whether we can operate a mobile application in the real world without going crazy.

    Briefly, we'll look at the approaches that have worked for us, but also what happens when you underestimate a part.

  • Update Days - Corestart 6 Feb 28th-29th 2022
    Are relational databases worth it in 2022?

    Summarization of the advantages and disadvantages of different storage solutions, and show that SQL might not necessarily be the "default" choice for us.

    At the same time, we will also explore an interesting library called Marten, which combines document and relational storage approaches using the PostgreSQL database.

  • DotVVM Comunity meetup Feb 26th 2021
    AMP support in DotVVM
    Talk about AMP technology and how to use it with DotVVM.
  • Dotvvm Virtual Conference Oct 24th 2020
    Boost your productivity with DotVVM Constrols
    Introduction to DotVVM Bootstrap control pack.
  • DotVVM Comunity meetup April 29th 2020
    New View compilation for DotVVM
    Showcase of new view compilation modes introduced in DotVVM.